Saturday, 14 February 2015

Switzerland | Berne | Part 1

Photos of me by Evelyn!
Pink hooded coat (worn at night) & boots | Zara
Scarf | COS
Grey wool sweater (men's) | Calvin Klein

Evelyn and I went to Switzerland at the end of November and we absolutely loved it there. Took an (insanely) early flight to Z├╝rich and then a train straight to Berne. Spent our first moments there indulging in seriously good dark chocolate and we headed to explore the city. It was soooo pretty (but such a torture bringing my cabin luggage around the cobbled grounds). We went to a local supermarket and the cheese section was huge. Picked up some cheese, crackers and a bottle of white wine and headed to look for a place to 'picnic'. There was a grand looking bridge on the map which seemed like a nice place to sit by and enjoy the cheese and wine but we couldn't seem to find it initially. Then, we stumbled across an amazing little bridge, which was really serene, had a beautiful view, peaceful, clean and airy. And that was where we decided to settle and have our little 'picnic'. It's been such a long time since I did something so spontaneously random and I think we both really enjoyed our little picnic and chat session there. We booked our accommodation in Berne via AirBnB and arranged to meet in the evening after the hosts have knocked off work. Went to drop off our bags before heading out for dinner at a really nice restaurant recommended by our host. The food was super good but I was really full after all the cheese and crackers earlier.

The room we stayed in was gorgeous too, my favourite accommodation in the entire Swiss trip - more on that in the next post. Thanks for reading!

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