Thursday, 12 February 2015

Grey Gradient

Oversized tank top | Zara
Jacket | The Scarlet Room
Boots | Hugo Boss
Necklaces | Agnès b. & Religion
Bralette | Urban Outfitters

Absolutely in love with this tank top from Zara. It's actually long enough for me to wear it as a dress and there's something about the extremely curved hem that really makes the look for me (though I don't usually like curved hems). This is one of my most worn date night outfits: comfort with several layers. I was really attracted to the unique grey gradient print on this Zara piece and it was so soft I just had to have it. Finding special grey pieces (or black) like this really makes my day because it's not always easy to chance upon interesting monochrome pieces. Without such items, my (mostly) grey and black wardrobe would consist of clothes which all look the same lolol.

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