Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Leather jacket | Mango Girls
Pants | Zara
Vneck Tee | ASOS Petite
Shoes | ASOS
Bag | Longchamp
Iphone 5 case & leather bracelet | Agnès B.
Watch | Hugo Boss

I'm not usually a fan of visible zips (e.g. chunky zips at the back of a blouse) unless they're biker-looking. Maybe I have an inner rocker in me haha. I cannot stress how perfect Mango Kids' leather jackets fit me. And I am simply over the moon that Singapore finally has Mango Kids' collections in store so I don't need to order them online anymore (and can try things out before buying). I hate it that my arms are shorter than most others and almost every leather jacket that isn't from a teenage/kids collection has sleeves that are too long for me. They don't even stay up (around my elbow) when I push the sleeves up. It sure will be embarrassing if I bump into little children wearing the same item(s) as me but well, I'm sure the same design would look different on us lolol. Thank god for chic childrens-wear.

Found this beautiful printed iph case from an outlet store some time back and since my previous case was falling apart, I got this one. I adore the prints on it but I wished there weren't any words. Still, the water print and colours (plus, it's matte) on it were just what I was looking for.

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