Thursday, 12 March 2015

M i x

Photos of me by Ian

Parka | Zara
Pleather skirt | ASOS
Boots | Faith via ASOS
Laced top | Sparkle & Fade (Urban Outfitters)
Watch | Nixon

Wandered around Everton Estate area with Ian last summer in this casual mix of cotton, (p)leather and lace. Quite a few 'indie' cafes and little shops in the area. Not sure if I'm a fan of that but it was an interesting experience walking around and looking at everything.

Was slightly anxious about getting this skirt in the mail because I was worried it would be too loose for me (and pleather items are harder to alter) but it wasn't as loose as I thought it'd be and the hem was undone so I just trimmed it to whatever length I wanted it to be. Trick here: trim a little at a time. Just a bit makes a lot of difference. I trimmed it at least 3 times to get the length I desire (with a slight slope so the back is slightly longer (because I have a butt lol) so it won't be too long in front / too short at the back.

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