Saturday, 21 March 2015

Leather X Studs

Skirt | Zara Girls
Shoes | Zara
Jacket | H&M
Blouse | Trucco

The print on this skirt is not the kind of print I'd go for usually but the material is really nice and soft, and fits really well! No surprise, it's from one of my favourite places to shop - Zara Girls. Perfect for petite girls like me (under 1.6m). Also, the waist fits way better and I don't need to alter the length of any trousers.

This will probably be the last time I wear this pair of heels. As soft as the leather is (and how perfect the studs are - black and matte - my absolute favourite), they have became so uncomfortable to walk in. That may be due to the fact that I bought this in one size bigger than my usual size though lol (but it fitted well when I first tried it). As with all leather, the leather straps on this pair probably expanded after several wears and became too loose for me. My feet kept sliding forward and I was causing so much pain I wanted to buy another pair of shoes and wear it right away (but I couldn't find any I liked that day) lol. So I wore it till I got home and now it's just sitting at a corner in my house, banished from my shoe cupboard (my dad got a huge shoe cupboard made for my shoes, mainly because he couldn't stand seeing them lying around the house but still, yaye!).

RIP, gorgeous heels. Or maybe I'll see you again someday.

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