Sunday, 10 May 2015

Casual Sunday

Cardigan | CORE Woman via Robinsons
Bag | Furla
Crop top | ASOS Petite
Necklace | Agnès b.
Jeans & sunglasses & shoes | Zara

Picked up this dual coloured cardigan at Robinsons some time back. It's super soft and has a long split at the sides. There are pockets too, which I love. (I'm a huge fan of garments with pockets).
This simple look is one I wear a lot, which includes monotone basics. This cardigan makes a normal outfit more interesting with its details and colours, creating a more interesting everyday look.
I have a new found love - Zara jeans! I used to not be able to fit them because they were always too big for me but this year, my bum has decided to finally grow a little and jeans that fit are easier to find now! Zara jeans are super comfortable and well made (although they're very long for my petite frame). I do have to alter the length for almost every pair I get from Zara but sometimes, rolling the hem up, like how I worn mine in this outfit, works too. Altering the length of jeans is a lot less complicated than altering the area at the waist (and a lot cheaper too).

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