Monday, 29 June 2015

Matchy Burgundy

Checkered shirt | Zara
Denim biker vest | Pull & Bear
High waisted denim shorts | ASOS Petite
Black laced tank top | Urban Outfitters (Sparkle & Fade)
Leather boots | Marks & Spencer

So.... I have an obsession with checkered shirts, especially those with burgundy in it. It's something I just realised haha (just before drafting this post, I checked out the recent Zara sale and scored a red+burgundy+blue checkered shirt lol). It's so easy to wear because majority of my wardrobe is black and these 2 colours go well together. I love the material of this particular checkered shirt. It's a very thick cotton, almost  like a woolly material that isn't too thick. I layered it w tons of knit, leather and wool in the UK during winter and it was just enough to keep me from shivering (no shit, with all the 5-6 layers I wore). Anyhow, here's how I styled it in forever-summer Singapore. Crop tops are my wardrobe must haves (for better proportions and sweat control). I also enjoy wearing hot shorts but dislike it when my butt cheeks peek out (unless I'm at the beach, or have a super hot ass lol) so the length of this shirt is perfect for covering that! (It's also perfect to wear with leggings.) Short shorts/skirts with a longer outerwear is one of my favourite pairings!

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