Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Tunic/teedress | ASOS
Parka | Zara
Boots | Kurt Geiger
Mini Papier A4 | Balenciaga
Watch | Karl Lagerfeld

I'm a hugggeeee fan of bolts I am sure everyone knows by now haha. This tee - I just had to have it. It ticks all the right boxes: black, bolts, both on the front and back, subtle, sheer, oversized, tee. It's the kind of perfect piece where I can wear as a dress if I wanted or tuck it into shorts / jeans for a totally different look. Or sleep in it. Everything goes! There are subtle bolts on both the front and back of it, which I really like. I get slightly turned off when a pattern appears on the front of a shirt and it totally disappears at the back. Such consistency is key for me. I love how the bolt appears only in some angles/lighting, not an overly in-your-face design. No idea why I went for a slight safari look with the khaki parka and boots but I like the vibe - though I think laid-back and slightly boyish was what I was going for.


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