Monday, 14 September 2015

Going Grey

Lyocell cami top | H&M Conscious
Pleated chiffon skirt | Zara Girls
Jacket | Zara
Bag & grey studded leather bracelet | Balenciaga
Boots | Marks & Spencer
Rings necklace | Pull & Bear
Plectrum necklace | Posh Totty Designs
Watch | Hugo Boss

I love a good mix of colours in the similar palette and also a good mix of textures. Here, we  have both. I am very pleased. First onto the colours, shall we? This denim-blue-coloured lyocell cami top is actually photographed a little darker than the actual shade, I have no idea why. I love how the almost pastelish blue goes so well with dark grey and purplish-grey. And of course, light grey boots. This cami top is from the Conscious collection at H&M - I LOVE THE ENTIRE COLLECTION LOADS, they have great lyocell and silk pieces that are absolute good quality wardrobe staples. And of course, the fabrics used are less harmful to the environment as most of them are 100% bio-degradable. This cami top is lined at the top, which scores extra brownie points in terms of wearability.

Now on to textures! Mixing textures is one of my favourite things to do. Here we have faux suede, lyocell and chiffon. Great juxtaposition of soft/hardness and I love wearing such elements together.


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