Sunday, 25 October 2015

All Black Everything

Merino wool top | COS
Ripped denim shorts | Mango (love this and this ripped one too!)
Shoes & sunglasses | Zara
Bag | Bally
Watch | Nixon

Yaye, another all black outfit! That's one thing I'll probably never get tired of.
My outfits mainly consist of basics, to be honest. If I really like an item, I will keep thinking of new ways to style and wear them, and creating different outfits with it. I'm sure you have all seen these pieces on this space before - they are all beautiful pieces (and mostly affordable too) and they're just so versatile! When the apparel are all basic items, I like to pile on the accessories so the entire look won't be overly plain. i gravitate towards silver and gunmetal accessories, seldom gold (I only wear something gold probably 1 or 2 days in a year) and even if I do wear gold, I'll almost always mix it with some silver elements as well instead of wearing solely gold. Kind of strange perhaps, but that's just me! Wore this simple outfit to grocery shopping and it took me no time to get dressed, really. I have pile of black clothes sitting around my room and whenever I am in a rush to go out I just grab a black top and a black bottom - et violà! Most of my items usually matches well with many other things and that's what I usually look for while shopping. Either it's an amazing out of the world eye-catching piece or a well-made understated piece that would go with tons of other things.


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