Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Wool & silk-blend dress | Club Monaco
Heels | Zara
Clutch | Agnès B.
Watch | Hugo Boss
Bracelet | Taipei
Necklace | handmade

This dress was my mum's and she decided she would not wear it anymore so she let me have it!
IT HAS POCKETS :D That's probably my favourite part of the dress! Also, I love it that 1) there are patterns on both the front AND the back of the dress and 2)  the patterns on the front and back are different! I think the fact that the patterns are different makes the dress more special-looking than other patterned dresses. The flowers appear to be embroidered and, of course, it is extremely well made. Quality of Club  Monaco's items are generally superb and both my mum and I are huge fans of their items. I do find some items rather pricey though, (COS has some really similar items which costs way lesser and still is of amazing quality) so my mum and I would usually only pop into the store when there is a sale going on. Who doesn't love a good sale bargain, right?

I paired this dress with a patterned clutch / pouch too - embossed leather dinosaurs. This clutch is a piece of art, seriously. Being all black, it's super versatile and matches with anything but I love it that it still has a lot (yet subtle) of design going on with all those dinosaurs.


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