Friday, 9 October 2015

Floral in Black

Boatneck top | ASOS Petite (sold out), (this boatneck jumper is perfect for fall)
Skirt | Zara (loving this one that has POCKETS too!)
Shoes | Zipia
Necklace | handmade
Bag | Mulberry

I'm so happy the way these photos turned out the way they did! It was intensely sunny the day my mum shot these photos for me and although you may not be able to see it in these photos, I was sweating so much LOL. These photos haven't been edited at all and the lighting is exactly how I wanted it to be! Guess the strong sun beams really helped haha. That said, I don't usually edit majority of the rest of my photos either except to brighten them or filter them black & white / have a toy camera kind of effect. My free photoshop trial ended a few months back and I have no plans of actually purchasing it since I figured I don't really need it anyway for now. Plus, I very much prefer my raw photos.

Oh also, there were several bees flying around the flowers and believe me, I was squealing every few seconds and that resulted in MANY candid shots (not featured here haha).


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