Monday, 16 November 2015

Biker Style

Leather jacket |  Mango Girls (past season, check out their new season's leather jacket here!)
Top | ASOS Petite
Skirt | A|Wear via ASOS
Bag | Givenchy
Shoes | Zara
Plectrum necklace | Posh Totty Designs

Im so obsessed with the brushstrokes-like print on this skirt that I bought a matching top with the exact same print (from another brand called Club L (via ASOS)) to go with it. To my horror, the top turned out to be black and cream instead of black and white. I am devastated. I wanted to wear them together as a matching set but now I can't because the prints are off different colours. UGHH.

That said, I love brushstrokes-looking prints and this one is no exception. Although I don't usually go for regular patterns, the brushstrokes style breaks up the hardness of the lines and makes it more acceptable for me. The skirt is surprisingly well made, it is soft and comfortable and has an inner lining (major plus point). I have never bought anything from this brand before but now I'll definitely keep an eye out for them! Paired it with my trusty black leather jacket from Mango Girls (perfect for for me, I wear size 9/10 years old for the jacket in this post, but size 11/12 years old in another design). It's genuine leather and just a fraction of the price of Mango Women's leather jackets. How awesome is that?!


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