Friday, 29 January 2016

11 September 2015


Dress | Lipsy London
Heels | Aldo
Bag | Mulberry
Necklace | Fié Japan

Ian goes to a university in the UK so he hasn't been in Sg on my birthday the past 3 years. Before he left for his first year of school back in 2013, we celebrated my birthday one month earlier, just a few days before he flew over to the UK. In 2014, I spent my birthday in London with my favourite people (my mum, Ian and Evelyn) and that was one of the best birthdays I've spent in my life. In 2015, we were back to celebrating my birthday a month earlier and we had some pretty good steak at a steakhouse in Clarke Quay. Amazing fries and creamed spinach too.

I've had this dress for probably almost 2 years now and it's the first time I wore it out - I've been waiting for an appropriate occasion to wear it and I'm glad I finally got to wear it! It's such a gorgeous and well made dress. I don't usually go for gold hardware (it's probably the only item in my wardrobe with such extensive amounts of gold?!) but this dress was just too lovely and well-fitted to pass.


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