Thursday, 21 January 2016

NOX '15 | Dine in the Dark

Dress | ASOS
Coat | Gingersnaps
Heels | Aldo
Watch | Mauboussin

In 2015, we had our anniversary dinner at a restaurant called NOX. It has a Dine-in-the-Dark concept and Ian was pretty intrigued by it so we decided to give it a go. The service was great (servers were all visually impaired and they were really great and helpful) and the food & cocktails were amazing too (the chefs aren't blind, in case anyone was wondering). The waiting/post dinner hangout lounge was really comfortable and cosy, we had a great time chatting with another european couple after the dinner. We were led up to the second floor (where the dining area is) by our servers and it was literally pitch dark up there. I couldn't even see my own hands. The food was really yummy and I loved everything. I was pretty nervous in the beginning and Ian kept holding my hands under the table. I was glad we gave dining in the dark a go because it was such a unique experience and we both enjoyed the night a whole lot!

The only disappointing part was.... well I wore an amazing dress but was in the dark more than half the time lol. Had this dress for 1-2 years now and never had the chance to wear it till this day. I don't usually wear lacey dresses much as they can be too girly for my liking but this one feels a lot more elegant and feminine than cutesy and girly, which I really like. I love the bustier seams (great for going braless) and the laced shoulders. And well, dining in the dark always calls for a black dress. I didn't want to walk out the restaurant with visible food stains all over!  


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