Monday, 30 January 2017

black white grey

Tank top (XS) | DKNY Jeans
Jeans (EU34) & boots | Zara
Leather jacket (11-12 y/o) | Mango Boys
Necklaces | Agnès B.
Lace bralet | Topshop
Watch | Emporio Armani

Seriously love this bomber jacket! Really wished I found it in one size bigger, but this still fits (almost) the way I wanted it to, so that's not too bad. My bomber jacket collection has been growing rapidly; I've always had a thing for bomber jackets but there used to not be too many designs available in store before the recent bomber jacket popularity spike. With so many more options available now, I have came across a few bomber jacket designs that I really liked, and also (obviously) welcomed more classic ones in various colours into my wardrobe!


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