Tuesday, 27 January 2015

D I N O ! !

Dino tunic/dress & black and blue leather bracelet | Agnès b.
Tights | ASOS
Sneakers | Supra
Watch | Nixon
Grey studded leather bracelet | Balenciaga
Sunglasses | Retrosuperfuture

I am absolutely in love with all things dinosaur from Agnès b and when I saw this tee.... well you guys know what happened. It's such an easy piece, to wear with tights like how I did or to wear with jeans/shorts/skirts and even over another dress. I love how the dino print isn't just at the front only. Part of the print stretches all the way to the side/back. It's little details like this that captures my eye!

Borrowed my mum's sunglasses because I love prints on the inside! I always like a good pair of tortoise shell framed shades and this pair has such a gorgeous 'interior' too. I didn't know much about this sunglasses brand before my mum and I purchased this pair. According to the salesman, it's the same brand as the black pair Psy wore in his Gangnam Style MV. (I really am not a fan of that song). Random fact aside, it's really well made (in Italy) and the shape looks fine on both my mum and I. Really, we were just sold by the superb quality and the gorgeous print on the inner side haha.

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