Friday, 14 August 2015


Night view from my resort room 

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Went on a road trip to Malaysia on 7-8 August 2015 with my parents and it was such an experience.

We spent so much time in the traffic that we spent more time driving than sleeping LOL. It was a 6 hours traffic jam (takes around 20-30 minutes without traffic jam) to the Malaysian customs and another 3 hours drive to Port Dickson. Stopped by Yong Peng for dinner and got to shoot some really cool photos (that dog sneaked up behind me and gave me a shock but it was friendly, thank god) just before it poured crazily. Continued on our drive to Port Dickson after dinner and checked in at around 9 pm (we left Singapore at around 10.40 am WTF). It was such a nerve wrecking drive on the highways in Malaysia because my parents didn't want any of us to drive above 130/140km/hr (all 3 of us took turns to drive) and the highways didn't have street lamps. Oh boy it was so dark. There were little lights along the sides of the lanes but that's about it. The cars go real fast, probably around 150 ish km/hr? Lots of tailgating experienced LOL.

Totally exhausted when we reached the resort in Port Dickson. That last photo is just amazing, isn't it? More on the resort in my next travel post!

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