Friday, 21 August 2015


My dad insisted on taking a shot of us because he thought we looked cool haha.

Shirt | Calvin Klein Jeans
Sandals | Tangs Studio
Sunglasses | Zara

It was sooooo freaking warm in Malacca Jonker Street that afternoon. Reached around 2 pm and we explored around for a bit. Had amazing taro pastries from a roadside stall. Read online that it was a really hip and cool place but when we reached it was horrible and touristy as hell. Then, we found those magical alleys which appeared to be empty but there were tons of street art along it and I was just so happy to have roamed around.

Had dinner at one of my dad's fav little eatery in Malacca around the area and it was pretty good. Look at that freaking long queue! We were at the front of the queue HAHA. Thankfully. The kueh pie tee was sooooo good. Love it!! Many people ordered it to takeaway. I regret not trying the popiah, I think it'll be really good too. The fish was not bad too but the rest I tried were not that awesome. I had a peep inside their kitchen and there was a Singapore flag hung in it?! That's pretty cool haha. As I was walking in, I heard others walking out saying 'nice meh? I think so so only leh' haha.

Left Malacca after just a few hours before the sun set and we drove to JPO for some long awaited retail therapy. It was awesome. Got 2 great purchases and I can't be happier about them. One of them was a wool coat, which I can't wait to wear on my travels soon and another was an amaaaazing belt which actually was small enough for my waist!

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