Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Perfect Duster Coat

V-neck tee & shoes | Zara
Duster coat | New Look Petite
Denim shorts | ASOS Petite
Hat | H&M
Bag | Tangs Studio

This duster coat will be appearing on this space a lot - brace yourself haha. I've been reaching for it so often because it goes with everything. Literally. I've worn it with dresses, jeans, skirts, and now shorts! It's super lightweight -  perfect for Sg's weather, and it's seriously the best fitted coat I have. The sleeves are appropriately slim and is the perfect length for my short and slim arms. I'd have gotten it in all colours if I could.

Zara makes the best basic tees and this red one (I've had it for years) is of great quality and is holding up really well. I love it that it has a v-neck and is supppperrrr soft - something I always look for in tees.

Thanks for reading!

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