Friday, 5 February 2016


Dress | ASOS Petite
Leather jacket | Mint Velvet via Robinsons
Shoes | Dolce & Gabbana (similar here and here)
Bag | Bally (newer season's version here)

Unintentionally matching w Ian! Had lunch with my family at Grand Pavilion at Esplanade, our favourite Cantonese restaurant in Sg.

This dress is 100% lyocell and superrrr comfortable. It's one the rare feminine/girly pieces in my wardrobe! To be honest, I was mildly attracted by the gorgeous crochet detail at the hem initially and when I realised that it was lyocell, that sealed the deal! I knew I could expect really soft and comfortable fabric, which is also biodegradable (unlike polyester). It looks a lot like denim, and I have several denim-looking shirts that are lyocell too. They can be washed to have an edgy look or kept looking well-seasoned like this blue dress. One downside about lyocell is that it creases easily. SO FREAKING EASILY (as you all can see from the photos above). Ohwell.

These shoes have became increasingly uncomfortable to walk in. Not sure if it's because the leather stretched out and it became slightly loose on me :( I got it from a Club 21 sale a few years ago at 90% off retail price! How awesome is that. Really wanted to pop by the Club 21 sale this year but I was in Turkey that very weekend and totally missed it (no regrets though!). I walked from Raffles City S.C. all the way to Esplanade this very day and by the time I finished lunch, my toes were hurting so bad I went to Charles & Keith in City Link Mall, got myself a pair of beige pointed heels (I keep them in the office now because they're quite comfortable and literally goes well with everything!) and starting wearing them immediately. My feet felt like it went from hell to heaven when I finally switched shoes.


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